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My Background

My professional career began in my native Russia, where I earned a degree
in Psychology at the Moscow Institute of Youth and then worked as a child
psychologist with parents and children at a private school in Moscow.
In the year 2000 I moved to the United States and began learning English
and US history and culture. For several years I was a stay-at-home mom, but was
eager to resume my studies and a professional career here in the U.S. At Olympic
College I completed the Physical Therapy program, and was licensed in
Washington in 2009. Since then, I have provided Physical Therapy services in a
clinical setting.

Over the years, my practice has expanded to encompass orthopedics,
biomechanics, kinesiology, martial arts, yoga, as well as Feldenkrais movement principles.
My certifications include yoga instructor, and I have created an integrative
movement program combining yoga and martial arts with a focus on back health/
I teach this class as well as private classes for specific conditions such as post-
surgical injury. I continually update and expand my skills and knowledge through
continuing education and am a graduate of the Port Townsend School of Massage.


My advanced training includes:

  •  Intraoral TMJ massage

  • Visceral and abdominal massage

I am deeply committed to the balance of mind and body, in my practice and in
my life. My pastimes and hobbies include classical music, ballet, ballroom
dancing, hiking, swimming and paddle boarding.

About My Practice

Body and mind are naturally a seamless whole, but stress, pain and
imbalance can separate them. In my twelve years of practice, I have learned to
incorporate a variety of approaches and techniques into an integrated therapeutic
approach that I call “Balance and Flow” My extensive knowledge and training in
in anatomy, physiology, pathology, massage, physical therapy, Feldenkrais movement
principles and yoga allow me to tailor treatment to the individual to achieve the
best possible result.

It should not be necessary for a client to seek a number of different
practitioners in order to achieve a full recovery. My Balance and Flow approach
has helped numerous people to regain their natural state of well-being.

Massage can help with:

  • Anxiety

  •  Digestive disorders

  •  Fibromyalgia

  •  Headaches

  • Stress-related insomnia

  •  Myofascial pain syndrome

  •  Soft tissue strain or injuries

  • Sports injuries

  •  Temporomandibular joint pain

  • Postural dysfunction and pain

My Techniques

When a client comes to me with symptoms of stress, physical pain, lack of
energy, or feelings of helplessness, I first assess the immediate cause of their
discomfort. We talk about physical activities, diet, stressors in their lives, and
goals for recovery. Together we craft a treatment plan with specific outcomes in
mind and with commitment to follow the recommended regimen over time. As a
holistic practitioner I rely on assessment, communication, and especially feedback
from my clients.

Because I have studied, practiced, and continue to study the best methods of
therapy, I am able to tailor each clients treatment to their very specific and unique

I look forward to working with you to achieve the very best quality of life that
your body and mind deserve.

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